ESUT PRESS SOCIETY (aka voice of Esut) is a non profit and non governmental organization that promotes student journalism and student right. The establishment of the society came in the year 2015 to enhance and advocate students journalism. It is a student media house in the university that has correspondents, editors, writers, political analyst, journalist, photo journalist, investigative journalist, critics, human right activist, opinionist, social advocate etc as members. EPS It is a non partisan organization that is opened to only like-minded students of the university as members.

ESUT Press Society(EPS) has three arms:

ESUT Initiative Group (EIG),

 ESUT Student Empowerment Foundation (ESEF) and

Esut Writers Community

ESUT Writers Community (EWC)


1. To host a yearly inter departmental and inter faculty debates in the university.

2. To organize a yearly skill acquisition program.

3. To organize a yearly leadership summit for all students leaders and political aspirant’s.

4. To publish a free monthly magazine.

5. To host a debates for all the political aspirants in the university before their election.

6. To host a yearly sports program.

Aims And Objectives

  • To create a communication link among the students.
  • To rejuvenate the dying state of students journalism.
  • To act as voice for the students.
  • To fight against bad Vice’s in the campus.
  • To encourage the spirit of activism.
  • To write and publish article on issues of concern in the university.
  • To help to update students on current news in the campus.
  • To act as a medium for school management to reach out to the students.
  • To help and enhance the extracurricular activities in the university.
  • To host programs that is capable of empowering the students on various areas of life.
  • To fight for the right of the students.
  • To bridge a gap between the university management and the students.