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Change they say is constant. This saying becomes so true, when the wind of change blew to the ESUT college of medicine(ESUCOM) cafeteria. Before now, the ESUCOM cafeteria was a boring place for students, where only fufu/garri and rice is the only thing they have to serve. This made students to resolve to going outside to get what to eat. And this incurred more stress for students. Before now, the ESUCOM cafe was a place students go when they have no other option. Hitherto, the students were just managing the cafeteria. But today, the wind of change has responded to the sobbing hearts of students in the college. The era of garri/fufu and rice is over. The cafeteria made a paradigm shift, and now provides students with assorted delicacies of their choice at a very affordable rate.

It all started when the ESUT college of medicine 2017 student union executives, led by Cmr Uroko Valentine, stood up to their responsibilities in ensuring the welfare of students, by protesting the unsatisfying service the cafeteria lender to students. The management of ESUT college of medicine, being a body that have the interest of the students at heart, pay heed to the voice of the ESUCOM student union governing body, representing the voice of the entire students in the college, and issued a quick notice to the former managements of the cafeteria. This made room for new people to come in. A public notice was discharged, advertising the cafeteria as being vacant, and calling for capable chefs to apply. Applications were submitted by different chefs. The applied chefs were given opportunity to offer to students what they can do. The chefs were scrutinized and tested. And students were given an opportunity to vote the chef of their choice in an open balloting. After all done, three chefs made it to the top. And now, the cafeteria that was the last option of students, is now the first option of students. The cafeteria that was management for students, is now the satisfaction of students. The cafeteria that was a pain for students, is now the joy of students. Lauds to the management of ESUT college of medicine and the entire ESUT college of medicine 2017 student union governing body, for standing up to their responsibility.

NOTE: Students in the college don’t cook. The cafeteria now have three chefs managing it, hitherto it has two chefs.

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