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Faculty of social science holds her 2017 award night

The faculty of social science 2017 student union executives, after last years unsuccessful attempts to hold their award night, triumphed over all odds and held their award night on the 2nd of February 2018.

It was an awesome event with huge turnout of crowds, who came out in mass to witness the occasion.

The event started by 10:00PM at Chisom hotel four corners Agbani, which was the venue for the event. Opening prayer was said by
MC solo K, followed by an introductory and opening speech by the 2017 faculty of social science student union president, Cmr Agbo Ekene.

In his remark, the outgoing president thanked his executives for their unwavering support towards the occasion.

The event further took a sweet turn with performances from artists. Timonlibray swept those present at the occasion off their feet with his poem titled ” The invented life”. They were so many other outstanding performances from Daviblue and whole lot of artists.

Then the main meaning of the event “award night” was established with presentation of awards to the awardees.

The event ended with a closing remark from the outgoing president Cmr Agbo Ekene and turn up by DJ Ernestyno.

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