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By TIMONLIBRARY ( poET by nature)

Shap’d of my lips on a silver plate
Drew down a sweet taste off my mouth
I see ,
My little tender lips draw’d
a picture of your end’d path
I know,
The reason of my diagram is
only determin’d by mine
Trust me,
And surely you will know
The quality and quantity of my
lips on my sliver plate

Line -1. The aspect of human speech on the scale of life .

Line-2. The motherhood of revenge between the poor citizens and higher citizens of the society

Line-3. Leading ways of injustice in the society and nothing is done to provide justice

Line -4. Someone in the society is proving his trust and providing the medium of Hope

Line -5. The good and bad, worthy and worthless citizens are given hope,security and health insurance through the law of sides differences
Example :Economy (standard of living)
Note : After reading Epic Nation!
Briefly check the meaning of “ENTOURAGE”. CLEARLY
To have deeper understanding of the concept “EPIC NATION”

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