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I love to start with a sincere and profound gratitude to the creator of all creatures, the Almighty by whose mercies and might we are able to gather here today. I will like to give thanks to the Vice chancellor in person of Prof. Luke Anike for his fatherly support in all ramifications, DVC, Registrar, Librarian, Bursar, Dean of student affairs, SUG patron Dean of Faculties, Head of departments, Fellow Esutites, all protocols duly observed. Indeed God has been faithful since the beginning of this regime and has helped us persevere and endure the odds that comes with leadership and administration. It has definitely been challenging, but with His help, we came out better and stronger.

Special appreciation to the members of the outgoing Executive Council, Parliament and the Judiciary who stood gallantly against all odds to deliver on the mandate given to them. Definitely, history will remember you and for those whose actions portray betrayal of the trust given to them, posterity will judge appropriately.

To our different advisers from whose ocean of wisdom we still drink, our fathers and brothers who has played their own role well during their time and still respond to our call and all stakeholders who have contributed meaningfully to the success of this administration and union at large, words cannot be used to express my profound gratitude to you all.

To the powerful members of the Union who gave us the mandate to serve and trusted our judgement, I really appreciate you all for your support and commitment. It has indeed been challenging and I on this note apologize for any shortcomings with which we might have disappointed your expectations.

It has indeed been a honour presiding over this union in an acting capacity as President and a lot have been learnt. We have seen the consequences of our actions and the repercussions of our inactions. It has indeed been a learning ground and going forward, I believe we are now better than ever before. Like I do say, all these responsibilities, all these sacrifices, all these things we do, they’re going to make us, not mar us.

The union is in a critical stage towards its betterment and we’re happy to be the initiator of the restructuring and rebranding the union is witnessing. During our tenure, we have democratize the Judicial Body ofthe Students’ Union. It’s no longer by appointment anymore. We now have Food and Environmental Monitoring Agency, any food that the team after inspecting, concludes that is not hygienic is not sold in our campus. Buses now drops every students to their faculty. No more straight to the school park. And we now have uniform buses with registration number. We ended up reducing transportation fare in school.
Keke now collects #60 and no more #100
MSP bus.. #150 no more #180
Amechi #130 no more #150
Abakpa .. #220 no more #250
Cost of Photocopying per page #20 but now #10

Our government has reduced the number of people been carried by ESUT taxi drivers from six to 4persons per trip for safety and convenient.

Office of SUG librarian was created and it’s responsibilities are to collect, organize, classify, store, archive and disseminate information for the 3 tiers of the Students’ Union Government.
The Students’ Union Constitution was amended in our time. We recognised the Best Faculty President in ESUT. SUG partnered with GEM and WACOL for a road walk against children hawking while school is going on.
Office of the SUG Vice President organised a one symposium for all ESUT female students on the role of women in 21th century.

The glory is not ours alone. The executive arm of the union, the legislative arm, the judiciary, the council of faculty president and hall chairpersons and all other formal and informal committees contributed largely to the success of this administration. For all who acted in our favour, we thank you. For those who acted against us, we pray the lord give you a better lovely mind. In all, we appreciate all Esutites for the support they lavished us with at every junction of confusion.

Before I finally leave the stage, few words for the incoming administration. No one will like to savour your excuses for failure. Esutites are only interested in festivals of success, how you go about that may be of minute concern to them yet they won’t fail to tongue lash you if it becomes pellucid that this same success is clouded in any firmament works of deceit. Yes, you can’t suit all the people at all the time but true democracy requires you suit the majority of the people all the time. In whatever circumstances you find yourself, never forget that the students’ elected you to promote their interest, ensure they, the students, are your major business in your project work. Stand gallantly for their interest. Do not break the line of communication. Talk to the students when the need arises.
To everyone here, I wish you safe journey to your homes. But as we go let us have it in mind that our success as a people begins in the deepest part of our heart but it never ends there. Let us illuminate our mind with positive thoughts and put them into actions for the spot we have reached is only a sketch of where we ought to be. We must keep pressing on. We can’t afford to take a reverse. The promise land is only a step from where we stand. I feel humbled to have served the entire students in this institution.

God bless Nigeria
God bless the Enugu State University of Science and Technology
God bless ESUT Students’ Union Government

2016/2017 SESSION

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