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It’s not long ago when Enugu state University of science and technology held and organised her first departmental,faculty and SUG election debates for the first time in the history of the school and few days after that,the election which recorded a great success swerved across the school for days,thus,bringing in a new tide of leadership and ushering in more to the school.

That notwithstanding,recall again that on 1st February,2018(pls check if this date is correct) these new excos were officially recognized and inaugurated by the school and as if that wasn’t the end of the new trends the school is gladly taking into record,a workshop session was held today in honour of these Excos,to discuss in detail their respective functions and duties they owe the school.

In today’s context,the workshop which was organized today was a seemingly vital step towards a better ESUT,an approach to restructuring the school and recognition of students’ opinions.
The program took hold from around 10:50 AM,with the school Dean of Students affairs,special dignitaries from the school,the school SUG president and his excos,the school press,other faculty & departmental excos and a handful of invitees and guests in full attendance.

Sequence to what was discussed today,after the concise opening remark by the school Dean of Students affairs,one of the dignitaries(name unknown) took to the podium and gave a very lengthy, but powerful “lecture”. In his lecture,he drew out three major categories,viz;
-The need for students’ unionism
-Your primary aim of being in the school
-How to discharge your respective functions to the school.
He let the excos know that unionism is a very powerful tool amongst students of any institution. That they’re the most convenient link between the students and the school authorities and that when this link is severed,alot could go wrong. Hence,he stretched at length on the need to have a common ground of understanding,corporation and humility between them and the rest of the students of the school.
When speaking on every students’ primary objective of being in the school,he didn’t mince words to let the excos know that their duties shouldn’t in anyway be a yardstick to any poor academic performance,as every student,whether an exco or an occupant of a special office in the school or not,is to be impacted with reputable knowledge and skill,graduate successfully with an applaudable degree and be able to discharge humanitarian services to the society. Thus,no sort of meeting/gathering of excos should be held on lecture days or any of it’s kind,that could constitute to pitiable academic performances,as the school would pay no heed to any reason for failure by any student. Therefore,keen measures should be taken for smooth running of affairs of the excos,such that it doesn’t clash with their academic activities,as that comes first before any other thing.
Speaking on the last point,he took time to highlight the various functions assigned to each of the excos and ways to efficiently carry them out.
In conclusion,the dignitary left the podium with a piece of advice,cogently calling for an optimum corporation among the excos and the school management and also,an effective,active duty discharges from the excos.

The Dean of Students affairs didn’t say much,buh he spent more time entertaining to questions and points raised by the students in the workshop. Part of these questions include;
-“Should the Deans of faculties,HOD’s of departments have a signatory in the respective faculty/departmental accounts?”
-In the case where the the school SUG Parliament passes a judgement on any of the excos,would the school carry out such judgement on the said exco(s)?
-How’re “hand-overs” properly done?,and lots more.
The Dean in response to the question of signatories of Deans and HOD’S,replied that ceteris paribus(all things being equal),if things go normal and students work effectively enough,no Dean would have an authority on the the faculty account or the HOD on the departmental account,except to intermittently back check and supervise things. However,if on the account the elected excos don’t live up to the school’s expectations,then,the Deans and HOD’S would have their full signatories on how the last penny of the Faculty association’s money is to be spent.
More so,the Dean notified on the second question,that if any exco is found wanting and lagging in any specialty,if a judgement is passed on such exco,the school would see to it that the affected exco comply.

Few more responses was given by the Dean of Students affairs to the questions that kept throbbing in and with it,came the snappy but encouraging vote of thanks delivered by the SUG president,where he called upon all excos and the entire students,to work with him so that he can serve them better. He challenged mostly the students to be diligent in keeping to the norms of the school and abiding by the do’s and dont’s if the school.
He finally endeared the students to be his eyes and ears in the day-to-day activities of the school and to report to him or any of his officials on anything bothering em as students of the school.

As at the time it clocked 12:15 noon,the workshop came to a satisfying end,with the closing prayer being said by one of the students in attendance.

If the name is important,then,it’s ODOR SHEDRACH UCHECHUKWU

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