Pencil and pen

My Faded lines
My added lines
Ways to decide ‘
My flows with a ink
As my hand could only
move forward in length but
Could not go back
backward in height
Direction to illustrate
my path with a stick

Pencil and Pen

Actually actions is so little as
my first name written with
ink and stick of my followers
Saying, am a Pencil and
our lives Is a symbol of pen
I can only destroy my pathway
but cannot change my way’s of life

Pencil and Pen

You hast put my love ones
into epic sleep by the Difficult passenage
Like a blade line’s through my skin,
even when I choose to Fill my pathway with ink’s
I still ran out of source’
Looking for a source to refresh my ways
I think,
Am gone
And another pen could be’ my kid ‘ as he
Count my lines through freedom and unbearable pain

Am a Pencil ✏
Am a Pen ✒